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Waterloo Co-Ed Recreational Volleyball League 

Tuesday Nights 8:00pm - 10:00pm

St. Matthews School, Waterloo

Organizer: Mark Morell (519)880-0991 / mmorell@rogers.com


League Standings:

League Scheduled "Byes" (Team Weeks With No Play):

Download the Full Season Schedule as a PDF below:

Full Volleyball Schedule PDF

League Rules:

Each team will play 4 games and referee 2 games each league night

Games will be rally point to 25 or 15 minutes

Rosters shall have 4 male players maximum - no minimum or maximum for female players

Team rosters (including spares) must be finalized by the end of February

Teams may play shorthanded without penalty

Teams may borrow one player from the officiating team with the opposing teams consent but only in the regular season

Additional players not on the roster may not play during the playoffs without league consent

Server rotates after 5 successful serves

Any type of serve is allowed

A net serve is playable

Any type of serve reception is allowed with the exception of blocking

Servers may step in one step over the base line on the serve due to the small nature of the gyms

Spiking (including back row spiking) is permitted

Refs will be expected to call the most common faults (lifts, double hits, directing, net contact, etc.) erring on the side of safety

Please respect the refereesí decisions. They are not perfect and they are volunteers

Please use League balls supplied in equipment bags

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated

** NEW For the Fall 2011 Season **

Single Clock Timing - Once the new equipment arrives, games on both halves of the gym will be timed with a single timer started at the scheduled game times. The buzzer that sounds will signal the end of the games - current play after a blown serve whistle should continue until the point is awarded and the game will then be complete unless there is a tie

No More Tie Games - A game that is tied when time expires will continue for one more play so that the tie will be broken

Winning by Two - Games must be won by two points with no cap on the maximum except where time expires in which case a game will be won by a single point

When playing with only 4 players only 2 of those players are eligible front-row players for hitting and blocking the ball

The winning team of the last game of the night is responsible for taking down the net and putting it, the poles and ball away appropriately

School Board Rules:

The board sets out many conditions and regulations which must be complied with to maintain our standing with them to ensure our continued use of the facility in this and future seasons. The ones that directly concern us are as follows:

Appropriate court shoes (non-marking) are only allowed to be worn in the gym

No food or drink is permitted in the gym or school

No propping of doors open is permitted - when entering the school please use a tag team approach to ensure that everyone arrives

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property

Exits and aisles are not to be obstructed in case of emergency situations

We must depart from the premises by 10:00pm sharp!

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